"Herb" ranked the Re:Lieve Terrapen the best vaporizer for chronic pain.
"East Bay Express" calls the Re:Zen Terrapen "a quality product, and the cartridge hits very smoothly out of the pearl white pen."

The Terrapen // Vape Pen

The Legion of Bloom’s Terrapen™ vaporizer provides safer and less expensive alternatives to pharmaceuticals. The Terrapen™ vaporizer works with your endocannabinoid system to provide various benefits. Available in a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio with 4 different therapeutic terpene profiles. We recommend Re:lieve for pain, RE:lax for sleep, RE:vive for energizing, and RE:zen for mental clarity.
The Terrapen™ vaporizer is a triple refined additive-free, solvent-free, pg/vg/mct-free cnnabis oil cartridge made of glass and metal, with dual coils for optimum taste and a healthier experience. The Terrapen™ battery has three temperatures (low, medium, and high) as well as a 10-second pre-heat option that heats the oil in advance to accommodate a larger draw. Terpenes add to the synergistic effect to form a trilogy of active compounds collectively known as the Entourage Effect.

The TerraPens:
 for pain
RE:lax for sleep
RE:vive to energize
RE:zen for mental clarity

Basic Functions:
Turn On/Off: Press button 5 times
Pre-heat function: Press button 2 times
Temperature change: Press button 3 times

Green = Low
Blue = Medium
Red = High

We recommend Green for optimal flavor

If button lights white loosen connection between battery and cartridge until operation



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