The Legion of Bloom is committed to elevating health and well-being. Our sustainable, conscious cultivation and extraction practices are just one way we express our devotion to pure, natural cannabis products. When you buy Legion, you know exactly what you're getting. Responsibly grown, award-winning marijuana and extracts with no additives, ever.

We're a proud Northern California company founded by five industry veterans with a common goal: to grow the best marijuana possible in a way that respects the environment and produces the most natural possible products. Doing our part to protect the environment also helps us produce cannabis and cannabis extracts that taste and feel like the high-quality marijuana that Northern California is famous for.

Cannabis is our passion. That's why we take so much pride in offering a wide array of innovative, marijuana-based products that encapsulate the entire cannabis experience. From traditional flowers to THC and CBD oil vaporizers to health and beauty products, we've got a full range of pure, all-natural cannabis products that's perfect for any user in any situation.


All Legion products are made with 100% natural marijuana. We never use additives or preservatives, so no matter which product is right for you, you can rest easy knowing you're getting a safe, responsibly-produced, all-natural cannabis product.



“Their shared love of growing has blossomed into one of the most exciting companies cultivating cannabis today..”
— Dope Magazine

Quality cannabis is what we do. Our five founders have been growing the best, most natural, marijuana for more than 50 combined years. By committing ourselves to natural, sustainable cultivation, we're taking a stand against the pesticides, chemicals, and additives that harm the environment and produce inferior products.

At The Legion of Bloom, we believe in purity. Cannabis is one of the most versatile substances on Earth, and we're devoted to presenting it to our customers in pure, undiluted form. Our marijuana is grown responsibly and organically, and all of our vape pens are 100% additive free.

Best of all, we use terpenes derived from our world-class cannabis to give our products the authentic taste and experience you expect from your favorite strands. Discerning users know what they want, and our goal is to deliver it in the best, purest form. People trust The Legion of Bloom to provide an authentic, natural cannabis experience whether they're buying flower or a vape pen. We take that trust seriously, which is why we extensively lab test all of our cannabis products and publish the results. We know that purity matters, and we're transparent about what we produce. Our customers know that when they buy Legion, they're buying pure, natural, high-quality cannabis products.

Battery Troubleshooting


For customers experiencing technical issues with the Legion of Bloom push button battery, try troubleshooting using the guide below: 

1. If the battery flashes pink - There's a airflow issue. If the battery is screwed on too tight, it will begin flashing pink. Unscrew the battery a 1/4 turn, or at first connection, be sure not to tighten it all the way. 

Here is a video showing the airflow fix

2. If the battery flashes white - There's a compatibility issue. Once it flashes white, the battery will not work until it is reset. To reset the battery, connect it to the charger and plug it into the wall after a few seconds your battery should be reset.  If that fails to correct the problem, the battery will need to be replaced.  Reach to us to get a replacement.

If you're experiencing battery issues with any legion products please reach out here. We will be happy to assist you.