The Re:Lieve Terrapen was ranked the best vaporizer for chronic pain by Herb.

"East Bay Express" calls the Re:Zen Terrapen "a quality product, and the cartridge hits very smoothly out of the pearl white pen."

The Terrapen // Vape Pen

The Legion of Bloom’s Terrapen™ vaporizer is 50% THC, 50% CBD, and 100% natural.

By blending The Legion's pure, additive-free THC and CBD oils with natural botanical terpenes, we've created a vaporizer that delivers Legion quality and boundless flexibility.

Our natural botanical terpenes allow us to focus each Terrapen™ on a specific purpose. Terpenes give the vapor the great cannabis taste you'd expect from a Legion product, but also work in syngergy with the THC and CBD oils to create different effects. Whether you're dealing with pain or just trying to clear your head, The Legion has a Terrapen™  custom-tailored for the job.   

The TerraPens:
 for pain
RE:lax for sleep
RE:vive to energize
RE:zen for mental clarity

Battery sold separately

Basic Functions:
Turn On/Off: Press button 5 times
Pre-heat function: Press button 2 times
Temperature change: Press button 3 times

Green = Low
Blue = Medium
Red = High

The Legion recommends Blue for optimal settings.

If button lights white, loosen connection between battery and cartridge slightly.

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