The Legion of Bloom now has four, that's right FOUR, High Times cup wins! 

We have won 3 awards with The Monarch
2nd place | Best Sativa Vape Pen | High Times SoCal Art and Oil Cup | Florida Juicy Fruit
2nd place  |  Best Indica Vape Pen | High Times SoCal Art and Oil Cup | UK Cheese
3rd place | Best Vape Pen  | High Times NorCal Cannabis Cup  |  Florida Juicy Fruit

We also won
2nd place | Infused Cannabis Product | SoCal Art and Oil cup | With our
head fruit Raw-Zen Budder Florida Juicy Fruit Terpene infused Head band rosin!

Thank you all for all of the support!
We are so proud and grateful to be a part of this community.