Hey Legion Fam,

You may have noticed something different inside your Monarch cartridge packaging tube. We have include colored rubber bands, to help you distinguish between the variety of flavors we offer. These little bands are a response to one of the most asked questions by you, our Loyal Fans. “I have a number of your cartridges, what is the easiest way to tell the different strains apart.” We have created this simple solution by including these little colored bands into the tubes with our Monarch and Terrapen Cartridges.  

There are multiple colors to collect. Each band stretches perfectly around the cart and can be placed above or below the tank. You can use specific colors for specific strains, or specify sativa, hybrid, or indica. The choice is yours. No longer do you have to carry around the specific strain boxes to differentiate your cartridges.

We hope this helps to alleviate your number one concern regarding our Monarch and Terrapen cartridges.  

Thanks for all the support.