Clarification on Legion of Bloom Lab Testing Procedures

At The Legion of Bloom, we're committed to clean cannabis and total transparency.  You may have heard that Sacramento testing laboratory, Sequoia Labs, has recalled products distributed by 29 California cannabis companies after they were found to be falsifying test results for pesticides. Sequoia Labs has surrendered their license to operate compliant testing with Bureau of Cannabis Control until further notice.

The incidents of laboratory negligence, which took place between July 1 and November 27 2018, affected some flower that was brought in by a Sacramento dispensary using The Legion of Bloom’s distribution license to co-package and transport product. To clarify, we provided services for the dispensary to transport their flowers from their farm, arrange for quarantine and testing with the lab of their choosing, Sequoia Labs, and arranged delivery of tested product to the dispensary. No product in question was ever grown or sold by The Legion of Bloom, or distributed under the Legion of Bloom name.

Legion of Bloom products are proudly tested at SC Labs. We use clean, sustainable, cultivating and operating practices to provide our customers with nothing but the finest cannabis experiences in the state. We take compliance with California state law very seriously and hope to lead by example in our practices. We will never sacrifice the integrity of the plant just to cut corners, and thank you for standing by our side since 2015.

Looking forward to a healthy season and bountiful harvest for all in 2019.

Find an official letter from Sequoia Labs below: 

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THE LEGION OF BLOOM — Clarification on Legion of Bloom Lab Testing Procedures