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+ Green Fire

Green Fire (Green Crack X Fire OG) This hybrid of hybrids takes two well-known genetics and creates the perfect combination of balanced effects. With a refreshing, uplifting, mental high from the Green Crack and a calming body sensation that Fire OG's claim to fame. This strain is perfect for cruising through a long workday or celebrating with friends on the weekend. Notes of mango and citrus with that unmistakable kush overtone

+ Super Glue

(Afghani X Northern Lights)

A slightly indica dominant hybrid that is very calming, soothing, and grounding. Perfect for bringing it in for a landing after a long day, or helping to manage the continuing aches of life.

Notes of citrus, earth and pine.

+ Red Dragon

(West Himalayan Kush X Utopia Haze) |

This uplifting sativa leaning hybrid is great for elevating the mood and creating a blissful spacefor getting the creative juices flowing. Happy and uplifting this stain excels at putting smiles on peoples faces.

Notes of berries, sweet fruit and earthy tones.

+ Fire Cut OG

(OG Kush X San Fernando Valley OG)

Considered one of the strongest OG strains, it is perfect for soothing the body and the mind. With a creative surge in the initial onset that leaves one euphoric and stimulated, the Fire OG slowly transitions to a very grounding effect that can leave you in the couch.

Notes of lemon cleaner and gasoline.

+ Lavender Cookies

(Lavender Kush x Girl Scout Cookies) What not to love here? The floral, spicy aroma of the Lavender Kush complements the full-bodied euphoric experience of the GSC exceptionally in this indica offering. Making this a go-to dessert for ending a long day.

Notes of floral lavender with spicy earth tones.

+ Sour Diesel Lemon Kush

(Sour Diesel x Lemon Kush) Also called Sour Lemon OG or SOG; this strain elevates the mind and body creating uplifting effects that are perfect for social gatherings and cruising through busy days.

Notes of lemon, lime, acrid citrus

+Quest OG

H- Quest OG (Gorilla Glue phenotype x OG kush) Is a combination of two world-class genetics creating a hybrid like no other. If you are looking for heavy-handed euphoria, soothing relaxation with just the right amount of creative flow, and all that gassy goodness you would expect from a Glue/Kush cross, this is the strain for you.
Notes of lemon and pine with pungent woody and gassy overtones.

+ Black Jack

(Black Domina x Jack Herer) This relaxing sativa brings on a pleasant uplifting and euphoric feeling. Great for providing calming daytime relief for those that need a little mental pick me up. Notes of tropical fruit, flowers, earth, and pepper

+ Rock Star

Rockstar (Rockbud and Sensi Star) is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that delivers strong effects without the debilitating sedation that is associated with some indicas. Its robust body and cerebral effects make this strain a favorite medicine for soothing the body and relaxing the mind after a long stress-filled day. Notes of woody earth with subtle tones of grape and spice

+ Diamonds

Diamonds or Diamond OG is a heavy indica, that creates a full-body relaxation that slowly melts you into a mind-numbing state of blissful tranquility. The perfect strain for grounding out after a stressful day or mellowing out on a relaxing weekend. Not the strain for someone looking to get things done. Notes of citrus and earth with skunky overtones

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