Legion Battery Kits


Legion of Bloom’s multi-function battery is specifically designed to optimize the experience with the Legion’s vape cartridge lines. With a preheat function and three different voltages to choose from, the Legion battery allows for full terpene and cannabinoid expression

Cartridge sold separately  


+ Basic Functions

Turn On/Off: Press button 5 times
Pre-heat function: Press button 2 times
Temperature change: Press button 3 times

Yellow = Low
Orange = Medium
Red = High

We recommend Yellow for optimal flavor, and vapor

If button lights pink, loosen connection between battery and cartridge slightly.

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battery draw and case.png
Legion Clutch.501.png


Introducing Legions new draw activated battery. Optimized to work with our new C-cell cartridge, this variable voltage 3v - 3.5v battery increases in voltage the harder you draw on it. The Legions draw battery provides a simplified user experience with a sleek refined look. Just attach your favorite Legion cartridge draw and enjoy.

Cartridge sold separately

+ Basic Functions

  • Designed for an easier user experience

  • Optimized for use with legion of bloom cartridges

  • Just twist on cartridge and draw steadily from mouthpiece

  • Bottom cap illuminates when battery is activated And flashes when battery needs to be recharged

For Trouble shooting tips for our LEGION Batteries

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