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Lemonade | 17.09% THC

The mysterious lineage of this flavorful strain is unknown but its citrus forward notes are as unmistakably refreshing as a cool glass of its namesake. Notes of lemon, citrus, and a cool breeze.


Vanilla Lavander (OG x OG x Sour Deisel) | 18.79% THC

A hybrid that exemplifies the perfect combination of sweet and spice. Calming yet uplifting this will become a staple daytime friend when you need to slow the pace down a little but keep the focus in tack. Perfect for knocking out projects at work, socializing with friends or sitting down to enjoy a movie after a long day. Notes of honey, vanilla, and lavender.

Guava Gelato | 13.4% THC

This hybrid is a Gelato phenotype delivers a unique terpene profile with effects that are indica-forward, and heavy on the body, while being very uplifting to the mind. Very effective for soothing the body’s aches and keeping the mind clear. Notes of tropical fruit, roasted nuts, pungent earth.

Hammerhead OG (White Rhino X Medicine Man) | 22.03% THC

A pungent indica-dominant hybrid with sleep-inducing effects that starts with a full-body re- laxation. Also known for increasing appetite, this is a go-to strain for mellowing out after a long day or for those that need something to bring needed relief to there recovery process. Notes of fruit, honey and woody earth.

Berry OG (OG Kush x Blueberry) | 21.39% THC

This hybrid is a Gelato phenotype delivers a unique terpene profile with effects that are Berry OG. Is an indica-dominant hybrid that embodies everything you love about a good blueberry cross. With a relaxed, soothing feeling that is perfect for ending the day, but maintains a level of focus that also makes this strain great for high energy people that need to bring the intensity level down a notch. Notes of sweet berries and fresh cut flowers.

Coyote Blue | 17.65% THC

This Hybrid strain wraps the body in soothing comfort, while simultaneously creating a gentle positive mindset. Ideal for creative pursuits or calm and present problem-solving sessions. Notes of lemon zest, chamomile, and fresh blueberries.

Pacific Frost (Jack Frost x Pacific OG) | 19.55% THC

Pacific Frost is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by the masters at Cannafornia. The beautiful plant boasts frosty green buds that are covered with white crystal trichomes. It can help treat anxiety, nausea, headaches and ADHD. Pacific Frost strain is recommended for evening and nighttime use.

Blue Cookies (Girl scout Cookies X Blueberry) | 20.07% THC

Sweet berry flavors fuse with earthy cherry notes in a flavor profile as enticing as the bud’s thick coat of frosty resin that stretches over twisting hues of green and purple. Novice consumers should approach Blue Cookies with modesty, but this strain’s potency is perfect for hard-to-impress veterans.

Gorilla Kush (GG4 X OG Kush) | 15.25% THC

This is a Hybrid known for packing a punch. Great on days when having very little to do and relaxing in the sunshine is high on the priority list. Perfect for soothing the body and keeping it real mellow. Notes of pine, dank earth and culinary herbs.


Golden OG (Golden Child x M1-OG) | 22.12% THC

An Indica dominate cross with heavy tropical and citrus terpene expressions. This results in a very soothing and calming strain that will not leave you feeling groggy like most indicas. Notes of sweet tropical fruit, sour lemons, and thyme.

Blue Zkittlez (Blue Diamond and Zkittlez) | 18.09% THC

Mildly sedative, this indica dominant variety is great for elevating your appetite and helping to manage the physical and mental stresses of life. Great for providing comfort after a long day Notes of citrus, honeysuckle and moist earth.

Wedding cake ( Girl scout cookies x Cherry Pie) | 19.12 THC

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies. This delectable treat is rich with tangy sweet earth and pepper, taking notes and dimension from its OG and Durban Poison parentage. Enjoy this double dose of dense dankness with care, as certain farms have noted THC content upwards of 25% or greater.


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