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The Legion of Bloom ERA pods. The unrivaled quality of the Legion of Bloom meets the refined innovation that is PAX. The PAX ERA device and Pods are the ultimate oil vaporizer delivery system. Combine this with the quality cannabis oil and terpenes that the Legion is known for and this becomes a match made in heaven.  

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"Dope Magazine" says, "The pods I tried were all Legion of Bloom, and they had incredible flavor compared to cartridges I’ve had in the past."

Leak-proof and extremely durable, PAX ERA Pods contain a unique dual-end wicking feature for extreme vapor density that allows you to vape every last drop of concentrate.

Legion Strain Specific Pods

Legion of Bloom pods are available in the new High Intensity Pods allowing for up to 3x the vapor and come in a variety of hybrid, indica, and sativa strain specific terpene profiles. Very potent with exceptional flavor, these ERA pods create a very smooth, robust, vaporizing experience.


10K Jack

(Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk) Is a phenomenal phenotype selection of the legendary Jack Herer strain.  Selected for its unique fruit forward nose with the cerebral elevation you would expect from a world-class sativa, coupled with an uplifting clear-headed feeling that stays with you through the day.

Notes of jackfruit, pine cleaner, and citrus

Lavender Kush

(Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x  Afghani Hawaiian) Known for an ability to calm and sooth, this is a go-to for helping manage life's daily stresses.  Perfect for ending a long day or relaxing on a weekend getaway.

Notes of lavender, fresh flowers and a hint of cyan


Cindy 99

Cinderella 99, is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for a dreamy, cerebral high with a light grounding effect.  Great for social events to long walks in nature, “Cindy” truly is a universal companion.

Notes of Sweet citrus with earthy overtones

lemon Cookies

Lemon cookies (Lemon Haze x GSC) This sativa-leaning hybrid brings a subtle elevated effect, while also leaving the body relaxed and tension-free.  A perfect balance of uplifting euphoria with soothing, grounding relief.

Notes of lemon and citrus with undertones of sweet, pungent earth







Nina Limone  

(Super Lemon Haze X Rebel God Smoke)  An uplifting almost soaring effect this is a must-have sativa for those looking for a heady boost.  Great for keeping it lively or grinding away on a long work day.

Notes of spice, lemon, and lime


Sensi Star

This classic indica strain is renowned for delivering a powerful full-body effect with a subtle cerebral uplifting.  Perfect for managing pain without keeping your head in a fog. A true gift for those in need.

Notes of citrus, berries, and sweet earth


Grapefruit OG

(BC Kush X Grapefruit) This hybrid offering is a classic Afghan Kush strain with soothing yet mentally stimulating effects. Great for activating the creative and keeping it mellow without locking you out on the couch.

Notes of Grapefruit, citrus, and earth.

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Strain-specific terpene profiles

Our cannabis terpene profiles all starts with specific strain selection based on desired effects. We then create a very precise formula, utilizing over 40 different full spectrum terpenes from botanically derived plant sources for each profile. By having a comprehensive bouquet of terpenes for our strain specific and therapeutic terrepen pods, we are able to maximize the desired entourage effects.

All Legion of Bloom Pods are free of Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, and MCT oil.

No additives just cannabis oil and terpenes


Legion Terrapen Pod

The Legion of Bloom’s Terrapen pods provides an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

The Terrapen pods work with your endocannabinoid system to provide various benefits.

Available in a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio

with 3 different therapeutic terpene profiles.

RE:lieve for pain

RE:lax for sleep

Re:lieve is formulated to combine the physically soothing and calming effects of THC, CBD, and a Myrcene-, A. Pinene-, and B. Caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile.

RE:lax is formulated to deliver the calming effects of CBD, while the Myrcene- and Limonene- dominant terpene profile helps ground you with a combination of sedative, uplifting, and soothing effects.



RE:vive is formulated to deliver benefits of THC and CBD, providing a perfect balance of energizing and soothing effects. The Terpinolene-, B. Caryophyllene-, and A. Pinene-dominant terpene profile helps create the perfect active/creative blend. This formula is a perfect companion for the daily grind.

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Therapeutic terpene profiles

These are cannabis terpenes profiles like our strain specific line selected for effect, then we elevate the 3 top terpenes in the profile to enhance the desired therapeutic effect.



The Legion of Bloom

The Legion of Bloom is a values driven company, committed in providing the highest quality cannabis products.
Our promises to elevate the human experience, through sustainable, conscious cultivation and extraction practices. 
To insure the cleanest, highest quality product our oil is always lab tested for potency, pesticides, mircobs, and residual
solvents to the parts per billion.


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