Six cannabis & hemp products I use everyday. (That DO NOT get me high.)

I wanted to share with you today, 6 products I use everyday that contain cannabis, hemp or both, that DO NOT get me high. They are some really great products I think you should know about to elevate your education on the many benefits of this plant!


A Fuller, Rawer, More Zen Dab Experience

Low-heat-pressed trichomes from ice water hash, created using a custom-made press, Legion of Bloom’s “Raw-Zen” is a bit more elevated than most rosins out there. I can certainly taste—and feel—the difference. This concentrate completely curbed my craving to smoke flower, which I admit I normally begin to desire after dabbing. It’s mustard, golden brown, thin, bendable and perfectly round. Placed up to the light for inspection, it is clear and particle-free.


Cannabis PR: Yep, It’s a Thing

Sarah ElSayed has blazed her own path since she began. While attending college, she also began working doing PR for reputable companies like Victoria’s Secret PINK and PuraVida bracelets. But despite her dedication, her frustration with the “corporate world” was building. She wanted a job that would access her untapped potential and inspire her. After finding personal relief for her ADHD and anxiety with cannabis, she decided to blend her two new loves to create her dream career: cannabis PR. Push Mag spoke with her about just how exactly she’s managed to seamlessly blend the two.



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Best Cannabis – Vape Brand
Legion of Bloom


dank you very much
Legion of bloom monarch vape pen

In this column, one of the metrics that we use to judge product quality is “discretion.” That attention to avoiding attention is often an important concern for medical cannabis users, even those with a valid prescription. No matter your legal status, the less involvement cops and the courts have in your business the better.


New Cannabis Gum Hits the Market
But It Doesn't Get You High

Troy Meadows, a founding member of the Legion of Bloom, a cannabis product company in the Bay Area, says, "Chewing CBD
as a gum would be a good way to deliver fast-acting cannabinoids. There's increased demand for CBD products."CanChew Plus is the second iteration of Anastassov's CBD gum. The original, CanChew, was unveiled three years ago. Anastassov says the product has undergone 14 years of research and development. Though it's made in the Netherlands, its parent company is San Diego-based Medical Marijuana Inc.



We had lots of awesome entries in the Vape Pen Category at the 2016 NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup. Here’s which ones made it into our Top 10.HIGH TIMES would like to thank our partner lab—Steep Hill Lab in Berkeley, CA—for providing excellent lab testing and data for our Cannabis Cup competition, as well as our premier sponsors—Gold Drop Co.Critical ConcentratesSouthern Humboldt ConcentratesGreenwolfThe Cali ConnectionAdvanced NutrientsAtomik Moon Rocks and Northern Emeralds—for their support.


It’s Legion of Bloom’s Time in the Sun

The Northern California collective of sun-worshipping cannabis experts Legion of Bloom are collecting legions of extremely loyal fans. When you get to know them, it’s easy to see why. The first clue you’re dealing with a different kind of collective? They’re conscious cultivators and firm believers in whole plant medicine. “Our genetics are properly selected and cared for, while each step of the cultivation process is fine-tuned to be as eco-friendly and environmentally savvy as possible,” said Legion, who speak as a network or collective community, not as individuals. (That would be the second clue.)



The Legion of Bloom is an innovative medical cannabis company operating out of Northern California. The team, comprised of five veteran cannabis growers and life-long friends, founded the company as a way to help growers throughout the world cooperate with the laws of their respective lands. Since the brand’s inception in early 2016, The Legion of Bloom has taken home multiple awards including 3rd place vape cartridge at the High Times NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup for their Monarch Florida JuicyFruit cannabis derived terpene cartridge, 2nd place Sativa Cartridge at the High Times SoCal Art and Oil Competition for their Monarch Florida JuicyFruit cannabis derived terpene cartridge, 2nd place Indica at the High Times SoCal Art and Oil Competition for their Monarch Exodus Cheese cannabis derived terpene cartridge.



Now – I’m not saying these dose pens are the end-all for cannabis vapes. There are some less expensive cartridge companies out there who are really doing the thing. For basic indica/sativa/hybrid varieties, go with W Vapes, or the PAX Era Pods from Bloom Farms. If you are looking for strain specific medicine then Legion of Bloom, Jetty Extracts or FlavRX cartridges should definitely be your go-to.


The Legion of Bloom Cultivates Natural, Organic Cannabis


Legion of Boom; Bay Area Company Highlight

The Legion of Bloom is a Northern California cannabis company that specializes in connoisseur flowers and premium cannabis products. We specialize in crafted cannabis products that offer the full spectrum of cannabinoid and terpene profiles, from our flowers to our extracts. We continue to advance our knowledge of terpenes through innovative technologies and how they offer therapeutic benefits through specific cannabis profiles.


The Monarch Cherry AK vape pen

Medicate discretely and on-the-go like never before with The Monarch Cherry AK, The Legion of Bloom’s new strain specific vaporizer pen. Just press and hold the main button while inhaling to create tightly controlled doses of cannabinoids. The silver mouthtip, light-gold oil and logo on the cartridge give the pen a really refined look. 


Dope Magazine Election Party at Sparc

Tuesday, November 8th represented a monumental night for many issues, specifically on a state level within the cannabis space as well as across the nation with the presidential election operating in tandem. To ring in the results,DOPE Magazine produced its inaugural event within the Northern California region at dispensarySparcSF. The evening’s presenters included the world’s cannabis information resource,Leafly, and was supported by sponsors Headset,Hypur, Lola Lola, Poseidon Asset Management, The Legion of Bloom andWURK, all progressive cannabis industry companies.


Review: Fruit Slab’s Mango Fruit Leather

When I first opened the stay fresh packaging, it was difficult not to compare the appearance of these delectable little pools of congealed mango to dabs. In fact, I recently heard a story of a friend of a friend attempting to dab his fruit slabs. I can only imagine the gooey mess left behind from that adventure.Infused with a hybrid extract from Medical Cannabis Cup winners, Legion of Bloom, Fruit Slabs come in two natural flavors, OG Mango and Mango Maui Wowie. Both have a mango base, but the Maui Wowie includes rice-sized pieces of coconut that give the flavor a little twist.


Who Won The First High Times Concentrates Cup?

This week will go down in history. Hard to say how exactly history will remember it, but we at Dabs Mag are thinking that a few generations down the line, the world will have forgotten about horrifying shootings and bombings and American political conventions, and instead remember the the very first High Times Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup.