LEGION Cannabis Derived Terpenes

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What does it all mean, though? Basically, terpenes are the reason your favorite strain tastes, smells, and feels the way it does. They're responsible for each strain's unique identity.

Using a proprietary, natural stream distillation process, we’re able to extract the highest-quality terpenes directly from your favorite strain. Since it’s a full spectrum extraction, we can infuse your Monarch cartridge with the entire range of terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids from the specific strain.

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There's nothing better than the smell and taste of your favorite cannabis strain. Have you ever wondered, though, what gives your cannabis its flavor and aroma?

The answer is actually molecules known as terpenes, which provide plants with their unique smell and taste. That's why they're the main ingredient in all essential oils.

Terpenes do more than just provide taste and smell, though. Studies have shown that terpenes block some of your body's cannabinoid receptor sites while promoting cannabinoid binding in other receptors. Even more importantly, terpenes have been shown to offer their own therapeutic benefits. A single strain of cannabis can contain between 70 and 80 different terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids which create a unique experience.

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The Monarch

The Monarch is a pure, all-natural, strain-specific cannabis vape pen. We blend pure, potent THC oil with our LEGION Cannabis Derived Terpenes to create a cannabis experience that smells, tastes, and feels like a concentrated form of your favorite strain. This is pure, triple-refined THC oil infused with terpenes naturally derived from a single strain of high-quality flower. No additives, no solvents, just the authentic experience of your favorite cannabis strain.

All Legion of Bloom products are lab-tested for purity, pesticides, and potency. We use no additives: no PG, no VG, no MCT oil - just cannabis oil and terpenes.