New Legion Push Button Battery Update

Keep your eyes peeled for our updated Legion of Bloom Push Battery.  The functionality that you know and love, with a new look, designed to match our New Monarch ceramic coil cartridges.  

The silver collar has been removed from the push battery entirely, and the device has widened near the top to accommodate the new cartridges' wider diameter. To turn the battery off and on, simply press the button five times, and press down during each draw. 

The Legion of Bloom push button battery has a pre-heat function and three heat settings; to pre-heat, press the button two consecutive times, and to change the temperature, press the button three times. You might notice a few differences in the color settings, low is yellow, medium is orange, and high is red. We recommend the medium setting, orange, for optimal terpene expression. 

Questions? Head to our FAQ for more information on operating your Legion of Bloom Legacy Battery.