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Current Available Strains: 


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Island Sweet Skunk

Notes of tropical fruit, grapefruit and sweet musk

Sour Glue

Notes of sour fruit, spice and pine, with subtle earthy tones


Guava Gelato

Notes of Tropical fruit, roasted nuts, pungent earth

Dream Queen

Notes of pineapple, bubblegum and hash

Mac 1

Notes of sour citrus highlights, sweet floral accents, and a deep earthy finish


True OG

Notes of pine, pungent earth and sweet musk

Hawaiian Purple Kush

Notes pineapple, citrus and pine

Blueberry Wedding Cake

Notes of blueberries and vanilla with earthy overtones


The Monarch // vape pen


The Legion of Bloom's AWARD WINNING Monarch vape pen offers a pure, perfect cannabis experience.

By blending pure THC oil derived from our naturally grown cannabis with single-source cannabis derived terpenes, we've created a vape pen that refines the cannabis experience to its natural essence.

Terpenes are the molecules that give marijuana its taste and smell, but they're also responsible for the unique experience that different strains offer. By sourcing all of the terpenes for the Monarch from single sources, we're able to recreate the taste, smell, and feel of smoking your favorite strains in a pure, natural, concentrated vapor.

Our Monarch cartridges features  stainless steel and glass construction with a ceramic heating element and  ceramic mouth tip, for a healthier, better tasting vape. This is a vape pen for discerning smokers who want the pure, uncontaminated essence of cannabis..

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“One of the best single-origin vape cartridges in California.”
— Leafly

The Legion of Bloom Florida Juicy Fruit and Cherry AK Monarch pens have won mutiple awards and ranked Top 10 Vaporizers at the 2016 High Times NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup.

+ Basic Battery Functions

Turn On/Off: Press button 5 times Pre-heat function: Press button 2 times Temperature change: Press button 3 times

Yellow = Low
Orange= Medium
Red = High

We recommend yellow for optimal flavor

If button lights white, loosen connection between battery

and cartridge slightly.

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