Terrapen Era Pod Re-Launch

We're proud to announce the re-launch of our Legion of Bloom Terrapen Pods. Our Era pods, compatible exclusively with PAX Era devices, contain a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, plus a proprietary blend of botanically derived terpenes. Our therapeutic terpene profiles utilize specific cannabis strains as the blueprint for their effects, providing not just exquisite flavor, but a strongly sought after entourage experience. 

Our RE:Lax Terrapen Era Pod is specially formulated to provide consumers with relief from stress, and in larger doses, to be utilized as a sleep aid. Our RE:Lieve Terrapen Era Pod was designed to aid those seeking relief from joint pain, muscle aches, and tension throughout the body. Look out for our Legion of Bloom Era Pods in their brand new packaging at the following locations:

In NorCal, pick up the Legion of Bloom Era Pods in the Apothecarium San Francisco locations, at Abatin Wellness Center in Sacramento, and Hi-Fidelity in Berkeley. 

In SoCal, find the Legion of Bloom Era Pods at Buds & Roses in Studio City, and at KTown Collective in the heart of Koreatown. 

IMG_1284 2.JPG
THE LEGION OF BLOOM — Terrapen Era Pod Re-Launch