Battery Troubleshooting


For customers experiencing technical issues with the Legion of Bloom push button battery, try troubleshooting using the guide below: 

1. If the battery flashes pink - There's a airflow issue. If the battery is screwed on too tight, it will begin flashing pink. Unscrew the battery a 1/4 turn, or at first connection, be sure not to tighten it all the way. 

Here is a video showing the airflow fix

2. If the battery flashes white - There's a compatibility issue. Once it flashes white, the battery will not work until it is reset. To reset the battery, connect it to the charger and plug it into the wall after a few seconds your battery should be reset.  If that fails to correct the problem, the battery will need to be replaced.  Reach to us to get a replacement.

If you're experiencing battery issues with any legion products please reach out here. We will be happy to assist you.

THE LEGION OF BLOOM — Battery Troubleshooting