New Packaging for Legion of Bloom Era Pods

The Legion of Bloom Era Pods and High Intensity Era Pods, compatible exclusively with PAX Era devices, have gotten a makeover. Over the next few weeks, find the new packaging - complete with ingredient information, storage details, and suggested PAX Era temperature settings - in the new childproof "puck" design, which uses less plastic than ever before, and allows you to keep your pods safe and tucked away during travel! 

Our PAX Era pod terpene profiles are created with specific strain selection based on the desired user experience. We create very precise formulas, utilizing over 40 different full-spectrum terpenes from all-natural, botanically derived plant sources. By compiling a comprehensive bouquet of terpenes for both our strain-specific pods and our therapeutic Terrepen pods, we're able to provide our consumers with the entourage effect that fits best into their lifestyle. As always, Legion of Bloom Era Pods are free of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and MCT oil - no additives, just pure cannabis oil and terpenes. 

Legion of Bloom Strain-Specific Era Pods and High Intensity Era Pods: 
Sativa - 10k Jack, Nina Limone 
Hybrid - Lavender Kush, Sensi Star 
Indica - Cindy99, Grapefruit OG

Check out our new look: 

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