Legion of Bloom Co-Founder, Troy Meadows, on the Latest Episode of Start Up Stoners

Legion of Bloom Co-Founder, Troy Meadows, spoke with Start Up Stoners' Cody and Brett about cultivation, marketing, and growing a nearly vertically integrated cannabis brand from the ground up. 

The Legion of Bloom curates an exceptional cannabis experience from seed to cured flower to extract. Troy says, "Everything we do has cannabis in mind. We're very much in tune with the entourage effect, and we're really trying to educate people. Terpenes are really important for crafting those strain-specific effects that people feel from their favorite cannabis products."

Troy credits industry longevity for making the Legion stand out. "All of the founders come from a cultivation background, we really understand the plant, we really know cannabis. We're able to really transcribe that into the products that we curate and (bring to) market."

As a cannabis brand, adaptation of new regulations are essential. Hear how The Legion of Bloom transitioned from a collective model to a move towards compliance, temporary licensing, and now, annual licenses distributed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. 

Check out Troy's episode here!