LEGION Launches 1 Gram Monarch, plus a few new updates

You have been asking for it, and we have been listening.

We are beyond excited to introduce our New Monarch 1gram C-cell cartridge! The same great strain-specific taste and feeling now in a larger size.

Available in three strain offerings.

Sativa: Island Sweet Skunk

Indica: Hawaiian Purple Kush

Hybrid: Dream Queen

Check out these locations to find the Monarch 1gram.

San Jose


The Guild


Silicon Valley Cannabis

SPARC - Haight

SPARC - Mission

East Bay

Hi Fidelity

Lakeside Remedy

North Bay/Humbolt

Alternatives Health Collective

Proper Wellness Center

Satori Wellness

SPARC - Santa Rosa

SPARC - Sebastopol


Alternative Medical Center

Cloud 9

Doctor's Orders

Florin Wellness Center Inc.

House of Organics


People's Kush

Safe Accessible Solutions

THC - Sac Town


Green Cross of Torrance

Organic Kind

More locations are coming soon!

Are you not finding the 1gram at your local LEGION retail partner?
Ask them to pick it up:)

Terpene and Cannabinoid testing on side label

Check out the new Monarch side label to learn more about the different Terpenes and Cannabinoids present in the particular strain

We list the top 6-10 terpenes present the strain.

If you know very little about terpenes, this will give you a good idea of what you do like. If you are a Terp Hunter, this will provide you with the ability to find your favorite terpenes. Look out for our upcoming Blog series on Terpenes that will launch next Tuesday.

We also now include six know cannabinoid percentages beside the total MGs of THC and CBD; THC D9, THCA, THC-V, CBD, CBG, CBN

THC usually gets all the attention, but there are a few other lesser-known cannabinoids that help to provide specific relief.

For example, CBN has gotten quite a bit of attention recently as an effective sleep aid or sedative. By showing you more than just the THC and CBD that is in our products, we can give you the ability to find out what cannabinoids work best for you.


SNEAK PEEK - Updated LEGION Battery!!!!!

We have a new update coming out for our beloved LEGION Push Button Battery.

The most significant change is that it now has a Mirco USB charging port on the bottom of the battery. No for fussing with removing the cartridge to screw the charger adaptor on the top of the battery. Plug the battery into a standard Micro USB cable, and you are good to go. The LEGION battery fully charges in about 45 min, and you can use the cart while the battery is charging!
We have also lowered the voltage of the lowest setting, yellow, this will allow for even tastier hits of our monarch cartridges. The medium and high setting will remain the same so that you can find the perfect balance of flavor and vapor if that is your preference.

Remember the lower the temp, the better for the terps.

Don't forget about the pre-heat function as well:)


Look for the Updated LEGION push-button batteries to hit the shelves next week at select retailers!