Terpenes and why they are important

What are Terpenes?
Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds found in a variety of plants such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, conifers and especially cannabis. Referred to as “the smell molecules of the world,” terpenes provide both aroma and flavor to plants, which is why they are the major constituent in essential oils.  Aromatherapy has used terpenes for centuries to help augment one's mood and feelings, the way terpenes work with cannabinoids is no different.  What makes cannabis so unique is the number of terpenes that are found in a single genetic, around 60-80.  Making cannabis one of the most terpene rich plants on the planet.

Entourage Effect: 
Terpenes affect many aspects of how the body absorbs cannabinoids including THC and CBD.  Terpenes have been shown to block some cannabinoid receptor sites in the body while promoting cannabinoid binding in others. It is the terpenes in sativas that give them soaring and focusing effects and the terpenes in indicas that make them grounding and sedative.  In fact, while THC and CBD have gotten most of the attention, studies suggest many of the compounds in cannabis including terpenes work together to produce a synergy of effects. This is known as the “entourage effect”.

To give a great analogy on the entourage effect, if consuming cannabis is like driving a car then THC would be the gas, CBD would be the brakes, and terpenes would be the steering wheel.  

Terpenes drive the experience with cannabis.  It is the terpenes that give specific strains their sought-after effects.

Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT):  At the LEGION we focus on terpenes first and foremost,  believing that you can not have an exceptional cannabis experience without exceptional terpenes.  By using a proprietary steam distillation process, we create only the finest single-source terpenes from select cannabis strains for our Monarch cartridge line.  

Simply put we capture the essence of each strain using water vapor to create a solventless terpene extraction that we reintroduce into high quality completely solvent free cannabis oil.  

Taste of Flower without the Flame

THE LEGION OF BLOOM — Terpenes and why they are important