Re:Viving a Fam Favorite


We are super excited to have our Re:Vive 1:1 pod back in the Terrapen line up.  This one is truly a LEGION favorite and is perfect for anyone looking for a balance of THC and CBD, who need to stay sharp and focused throughout the day.  The Terpinolene-, B. Caryophyllene-, and A. Pinene-dominant terpene profile create a perfect wellness blend.  This formula is a must-have companion for the daily grind.

Re:Vive complements our Re:Lax and Re:Lieve profiles to provide a perfect Day/Night combo.
As with our Strain Specific pods, our Terrapen Pod line is now being offered at a new low price.  Please check in with your closest location for new pricing.
You can find the Re:Vive at these fine establishments:


Apothecarium - San Francisco Locations

Barbary Coast 

Berkeley Patients Group

Cannabis Buyer's Club of Berkeley

Elevation 2477


Flower to the People

Helios Distribution 

Kind Peoples

Mercy Wellness

Proper Wellness

Santa Cruz Naturals- Aptos 

Santa Cruz Naturals- Watsonville


SPARC - Santa Rosa 


Buds and Roses

Cornerstone Research Collective


Green Cross of Torrance


Hollywood High Grade 

Koreatown Collective

The Pottery

THE LEGION OF BLOOM — Re:Viving a Fam Favorite