The LEGION Life Just got a whole lot better with new Monarch strains at a great new price

In order to bring you the truly exceptional cannabis experiences, that we are known for, our extraction processes are ever changing - adapting to newer technologies - while keeping our ethos the same: Pure, Clean, and Natural. We take pride in crafting the highest quality products - starting with quality terpenes. Our terpene extraction process is now more efficient than ever - allowing us to pass the savings on to you! Just one more reason to #lovethelegion

We are very excited to have several new strain offerings for our Monarch Cartridge Line, now available across California. 

Sour Glue & Island Sweet Skunk 
Dream Queen & Mac #1 
Blueberry Wedding Cake & Hawaiian Purple Kush  

Visit your local Licensed Dispensary for our new pricing and #livelifeLegion